Tajweed Quran and Malay Translation on Your Handphone

With this application we can read the Holy Quran easily anywhere and anytime...

We can also understand the content of its meaning by read the translation...

With word searching feature both in arabic text or translation text we can find ayah about a topic we needed

There is also bookmark feature, index, etc.

So...this application very useful to be installed on our handphone.

Quran page 3 in Mobile Malay Tajweed Quran Application/Software Search words in malay translation quran on Mobile Malay Tajweed Quran Application/Software Result of words searching in malay translation quran on Mobile Malay Tajweed Quran Application/Software

You can donwload* by open your handphone browser then goto http://quran.my.elevendream.com

Or click this link Download Mobile Malay Tajweed Quran Software

Handphone minimum requirement:
- Java MIDP 2
- Color screen and minimum resolution is 128x128
- Can install application about size 1.2 MB

*Download, install, and try the application. If you interest to use full menu, click Request Activation menu on the application and follow the instructions on it.

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